Extract and automate

Extract the information you need from documents with AI and pass it on to other systems to automate your business processes.

Extract and automate

Auto-classify documents in files

Upload your files and let Adit's AI find, group and automatically classify different documents within.

Extract and validate

Validate the extracted data and improve the extraction by doing so. Support for various document classes out of the box and easily add others through a simple and powerful annotation process.

Get value from day one: if a field is not detected, easily capture it with the advanced annotation tool and save on typing.

Automate workflows

Define what happens with the extracted data. Pass it on to other systems via API or initiate different workflows after validation. With time, skip the validation and have the data go straight to your defined system.

Reduce errors and focus on what’s important

Automating repetitive copy and write tasks will reduce errors. It also frees up your time to focus on tasks which can create more value for your customers or for you to get new ones.

AI in Adit – platform approach

Take advantage of several AI data extraction solutions available on the market. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, Adits platform approach lets you use the best provider based on your specific document classes.

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