Digitize and classify

Upload scans, PDF, word, excel and e-mail and classify them for further processing. Rotate pages, combine and split files and convert them to PDF.

Digitize and classify

Conveniently upload all the formats you need

Upload all the typical business file formats (PDF, excel, word, eml and msg) to Adit through either drag and drop, select from your desktop, as a forwarded e-mail, as a direct import from a supported scanner or via API.

Preview and select

Preview all the files before choosing to work on them. Then select the ones you need and start working by a click of a button.

Classify and assign to file reference

Classify the whole file or individual pages as a specific document class (Commercial Invoice, Purchase Order, Credit Application, etc.) and then choose to assign them either to an existing or to a new reference number to group them with other relevant information.

Convert to PDF, rotate, combine or split

Convert excel, word, eml & msg files to PDF. Rotate individual or all pages, merge several files into one or split a big file into several individual files. And finally, choose to keep or discard the remaining pages.

Add custom tags

Tag document classes according to your use case (i.e. “Customs relevant”) and set default tags per document class.

Custom classes and preferences

Define custom document classes and choose the display order. Save profiles for yourself or for sharing amongst your colleagues.

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